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Classification: {{GetClassificationText(Plant.classification)}}

Viviparous: Yes No unknown

Petal color: {{Plant.color}} unknown


Distinct: {{Plant.distinct}}

Plant distribution: {{Plant.wildLocation}}

Cultivar found growing in the wild? {{Plant.wildLocation}}

This plant is a species of {{Plant.genus}}, in the {{}} family.

Cultivar derived from a sport of:

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Flower characteristics

Shape {{id.flowerShape}} unknown
Size (average) {{id.flowerDia}}cm unknown
Fragrant {{id.fragrant}} unknown
Emergence height above water {{id.emergence}}cm unknown
Sepal description
Color abaxial , adaxial
Size (average) {{id.sepalSize}}cm unknown
Number of sepals {{id.sepals}} unknown
Petal description
Color unknown
Size (average length x width) {{id.petalLength}} x {{id.petalWidth}}cm unknown
Number of petals {{id.petals}} unknown
Stamen description
Color unknown
Number of stamens {{id.stamens}} unknown
Anther color inner , outer
Filament color unknown
Pedicel description
Color unknown
Pubescence {{id.pedicel}} unknown

Leaf characteristics

Shape {{id.leafShape}} unknown
Size average length x width {{id.leavesLength}} x {{id.leavesWidth}}cm unknown
Margin {{id.leafMargin}} unknown
Sinus {{id.sinus}} unknown
Lobes {{id.lobes}} unknown
Leaf color
Adaxial (top) unknown
Abaxial (underside) unknown
Petiole description
Color unknown
Pubescence Present None unknown
Diameter of plant {{id.plantDia}}cm unknown
General comments
{{id.comments}} none
Identification by {{}} unknown , {{ToReadableDate(id.dated)}}

None on file.

{{herb.specID.labelHeader}} {{herb.specimen.verifSummaryLabelName}}

None on file.

{{}} ({{prot.publication.year}}) {{prot.publication.title}} {{prot.vnp}}
POWO (2019). "Plants of the World Online. Facilitated by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the Internet; Retrieved {{toPowoDate(Plant.importDate)}}."
Data imported from Victoria Adventure. {{Plant.sourceUrl}} Retrieved {{toPowoDate(Plant.importDate)}}.
Data imported from the Victoria Adventure Waterlily Names A-Z list. Retrieved {{toPowoDate(Plant.importDate)}}.
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