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Welcome to the IWGS Aquatic Plant Database

The IWGS plant database is your number one up-to-date source for details on all aquatic plants.

In addition to discovering the latest waterlily (Nymphaea) and lotus (Nelumbo) varieties, you can use this database to:

  • determine the identity of your waterlily or lotus
  • find inspiration for what to grow this season
  • find award winning plants
  • see notes and photos posted by hybridizers and hobbyists
  • see if the plant you are looking for is sold by a nearby nursery or garden center using the Plant Finder tool.

Our database, which currently comprises over 3,000 plant names, and more than 1,000 photographs, continues to grow, with new varieties being added constantly. Register today and help the IWGS document and spread knowledge of waterlilies, lotuses and other aquatic plants!

As the official ICRA Registrars for Nymphaeaceae and Nelumbonaceae, the IWGS encourages hybridizers to register their creations. Registered plants will appear in the plant database after acceptance.

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Nymphaea 'Wichitra'
Nymphaea 'Wichitra', Overall Winner of the 2023 IWGS New Waterlily Competition.

Water lilies

plants in the family Nymphaeaceae
  • Barclaya
  • Euryale
  • Nuphar
  • Nymphaea
  • Victoria
Barclaya Plant

A small genus of plants native to tropical Asia.

Euryale Plant

This genus has a single species of plant native to tropical Asia.

Nuphar Plant

Plants found in temperate to sub-arctic areas in the Northern Hemisphere.

Waterlily Plant

Made up of hardy and tender plants, with a cosmopolitan distribution.

Victoria Plant

A small genus of plants with the largest species.


plants in the family Nelumbonaceae
  • Nelumbo
Lotus Plant

The only genus in its family, comprising only two species and many hybrids.

Aquatic plants

all other water garden plants
  • Shallow water plants
  • Submerged plants
  • Floating plants
Marginal Plant
Shallow water plants

Marginal plants for the pond edge

Submerged Plant
Submerged plants

Oxgenating and deep water plants

Floating Plant
Floating plants

Free-floating aquatic plants