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Sander Dekker

Sander Dekker Posted on June 26, 2022

Plant finder in the IWGS plant database
The Plant Database now lists plants that are for sale at select nurseries and water gardening professionals. Commercial members of the IWGS may list their stock for free for the 2022 season, as a trial. Are you a hobbyist? Visit the Search Page and enable the Sold By Partners filter to find out if this plant is sold by partners of the IWGS. Are you a professional? Click here to find out more.

Sander Dekker

Sander Dekker Posted on December 23, 2021

NEW feature in the IWGS plant database
Ever wanted to know which Nymphaea plants are good pollen or pod parents? The plant database now lists all known parents for making hybrids! Fertility List

Sander Dekker

Sander Dekker Posted on February 12, 2021

Wow - what an incredible first few days it has been for our new Plant Database! We've received over 6100 views, over 40 newly registered users and more than 250 new photos within the first 72 hours. Contributions have come in from all parts of the globe. THANK YOU!

To those of you who have already contributed, keep 'em coming! To those of you who have yet to discover the new Plant Database, take a look at

James Bennett

James Bennett Posted on February 9, 2021

We are pleased to announce The International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society has a NEW Aquatic Plant Database! This is fully searchable, by plant or hybridizer, with advanced filters to help you find that next plant for your pond - or help identify a plant you may already have.

We have 3,000 plant names and over 1,000 photos of waterlily and lotus varieties already, but would love for you to help us make it even better, so please share your plant photos so we can share them to the world! There is a Photo Upload button on each plant page, you need to register first to use this, which is easy and can also be done through Facebook login.

Our next update, due this spring, will feature shallow water, submerged and floating plants, so we can be your number one source for ALL aquatic plants!

Available now at

Latest plant additions:

Nymphaea 'Sudhalarp'
Nymphaea 'Sudhalarp'